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Lil Wayne Faces Criticism for Using Teleprompter During Performance with Drake



Lil Wayne is facing criticism on social media after a clip from his performance with Drake on the It’s All A Blur – Big As The What? tour went viral, showing him relying on a teleprompter to remember his lyrics. The incident sparked a debate among fans about Wayne’s extensive catalog of music and his approach to writing and memorizing verses.

In the viral clip, one fan on Twitter questioned if anyone had ever witnessed something similar during a live performance. While some fans defended Wayne, citing his vast repertoire of verses and his method of freestyling in the studio without writing lyrics down, others expressed disappointment at seeing him use a teleprompter.

One fan reiterated Wayne’s own statements about his lyrical process, mentioning that he has admitted to freestyling in the studio and not writing his lyrics down. Despite the criticism, many fans expressed their admiration for Wayne’s impact on hip-hop and his contributions to the genre over the years.

During the performance, Drake welcomed Wayne to the stage in Florida and expressed frustration with the crowd’s lack of enthusiasm for the guest appearance. Despite the mixed reactions, Drake emphasized Wayne’s significance in the music industry, urging the audience to show appreciation for the rapper.

The incident has reignited discussions about artists’ reliance on teleprompters during live performances and has prompted reflection on Wayne’s legacy in hip-hop.

Check out the clip from Wayne and Drake’s performance on Twitter to see the moment in question.

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