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Lil Yachty Opens Up About Friendly Rivalry with Migos During Early Quality Control Days



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Lil Yachty, known for his unconventional approach to music, shared insights into his early days at Quality Control Music during a recent appearance on the Safe Space podcast. Despite his unique style, Yachty faced a friendly rivalry with Migos, particularly Quavo, involving cars, jewelry, women, and fashion.

During the interview, Yachty revealed, “Quavo used to be so mean to me! It became like a friendly beef. It was like this thing of battling with me against all three Migos.” The competition extended to various aspects, such as acquiring new chains and watches, highlighting the camaraderie within the label.

Yachty also disclosed feeling like an outsider initially, with others perceiving him as “weird as sh*t.” Despite the initial skepticism, Yachty’s distinctive style and experimentation garnered attention. Earlier this year, he surprised fans with the psychedelic rock-infused album “Let’s Start Here,” which received praise from critics.

While continuing to explore diverse musical genres, including a venture into rock with “The Paradigm” for a Netflix film, Yachty assured rap fans that more conventional hip-hop material is on the horizon. He teased snippets of unreleased music, building anticipation for his upcoming rap project. Share your thoughts on Lil Yachty’s revelations about his early days at Quality Control in the comments below.

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