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Logan Paul Announces $2.3M CryptoZoo Buyback to Address Crypto Scam Accusations



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Logan Paul has taken a significant step to address accusations of running a crypto scam, revealing a $2.3 million buyback for CryptoZoo. This move involves the purchase of all Base Egg and Base Animal assets, allowing investors in the NFT video game project to recoup their investments. In a corresponding statement, Paul emphasized his “best intentions” for the project and attributed the game’s halted release to “regulatory hurdles that would need to be cleared that I did not originally understand.”

Furthermore, Logan Paul has initiated legal action against CryptoZoo’s developers and Jake “Crypto King” Greenbaum. The influencer accuses both individuals of leaking classified information about the project, leading external traders to exploit and devalue the market for ZOO tokens. Paul contends that their actions caused a significant drop in the project’s market value from $130 million to $26 million. As of now, the defendants have not responded to Paul’s allegations.

In parallel developments, 2023 marked Logan Paul’s purported retirement from boxing, a claim disputed by his brother, Jake. In a November interview with The MMA Hour, Jake expressed skepticism, stating, “I don’t believe that. I don’t know when he’ll fight, but he’s just got so much fight in him and he’s going into his athletic prime. I think he’s going to fight again for sure.”

Logan announced his retirement during a Fox interview, declaring, “Yeah, I think I’ve retired from boxing. I think I’ve done enough in the sport, going fully undefeated at 25-0. So yeah, I’m gonna be a wrestler now. No more money in boxing. Every company is going broke, so [I’m] a full-time wrestler.” This aligns with Logan’s previous comments following his WWE US Championship victory, where he expressed plans to invest more time in WWE programming, making surprise appearances and asserting his dominance over other wrestlers.

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