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Lord Fowler : UK Government Responds to Discriminatory Measures Against LGBT People in Uganda



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In a recent announcement, the Ugandan government’s decision to sign the Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law has sparked outrage and concern. The UK government has strongly condemned this action, stating that it undermines protections and freedoms enshrined in the Ugandan constitution and increases the risk of violence, discrimination, and persecution against LGBT individuals.

Lord Fowler, in a parliamentary session, expressed his dismay over the new law, which allows for penal action against individuals solely based on their sexual orientation. He called for support for the Archbishop of Canterbury in countering prejudicial propaganda and suggested providing extra assistance to civil society organizations combating discrimination in Uganda.

Lord Sharpe of Epsom, responding on behalf of the government, echoed Lord Fowler’s sentiments, calling the Act regressive and highlighting the UK’s efforts to support LGBT+ rights across the Commonwealth. He assured that the UK’s high commission is in contact with and supporting human rights defenders in Uganda.

Baroness Barker raised concerns about the legislation’s origins, attributing it to campaigns by Christian nationalist organizations from the USA and Russia. She urged for collaboration with Ugandans to document the impact of the law on public health and the economy.

Lord Popat, as the Prime Minister’s trade envoy to Uganda, highlighted the negative impact of the Act on economic prosperity, noting that many UK companies are now unwilling to invest in Uganda. Lord Sharpe agreed, stating that the Act will undermine Uganda’s development and economic goals and create a barrier for international investment and tourism.

The UK government continues to work with other Commonwealth member states and civil society partners to reform discriminatory laws and end violence against LGBT+ people. It emphasizes the importance of international cooperation in addressing this issue and remains committed to supporting the rights and freedoms of all individuals in Uganda.

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