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Makerere University Initiates Probe into Alleged Mark Sales Following Daily Monitor Exposé



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In response to an exposé by the Daily Monitor revealing the illicit sale of marks within the institution, Makerere University has launched an investigation into the matter. A public notice issued on December 6 urges members of the public to come forward with any information related to this issue, and channels such as phone contacts and emails have been provided for the submission of relevant details.

The university’s public notice specifically references an article published on Thursday, October 26, 2023, in the Daily Monitor titled “Marks for sale at universities.” Makerere University acknowledges the seriousness of the alleged malpractice and invites individuals with credible information about the issue of mark sales at the university to share their insights.

The investigation, prompted by a three-month-long inquiry by the Daily Monitor, exposed a pattern of students at Makerere and Kyambogo universities bribing teaching staff for improved marks. Recorded conversations, text messages, and WhatsApp exchanges were used to reveal the extent of the illicit network, involving both full and part-time lecturers, marking assistants, and intermediaries facilitating the flow of cash.

The revelations sparked public outrage, leading the Minister for Higher Education, Mr. John Muyingo, and the Vice Chancellor forum to advocate for a comprehensive investigation to apprehend those responsible for the malpractice.

As of press time, details about the membership of the investigation committee and the anticipated duration of the probe remain undisclosed. Efforts to contact the committee’s chairperson for clarification were unsuccessful.

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