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Meek Mill Declares He’s Done with Beef: “I’m Too Rich to Choose Sides”



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Meek Mill took to Twitter on Saturday to announce that he’s putting an end to engaging in beefs, citing his wealth as the primary reason. The rapper expressed his desire to focus on helping others and providing resources rather than involving himself in conflicts between other individuals. Meek, known for his past public feud with Drake in 2015 and more recent callouts directed at Trippie Redd, declared that he’s aligned with the “dream chasers” side.

“I’m too rich to choose side in beefs, real street n***s know that! Ima source for the trenches … a source to money… resources … plugs …. I may post you help your brand! If we don’t have a direct problem don’t even think about what side I’m on ‘I’m on dream chasers’ side,” Meek Mill stated in his Twitter post.

The rapper’s followers largely supported his decision, with one emphasizing the wisdom of avoiding unnecessary conflicts: “Pure facts it’s unwise to inherit other people’s beef!” Another echoed the sentiment, saying, “You don’t beef no one when you’re rich.. Tell ‘em meek.. DreamChasers.”

Meek Mill recently shared insights on breaking the cycle of poverty on Twitter, emphasizing the importance of intelligence over street credibility. In a separate post earlier in the week, he conveyed, “Being gangsta will get you hurt put in jail or killed …… being smart will get you out of poverty and your family and friends living better … it’s no comparison, being smart is the only solid way out the trenches… everything else is wide range life risk just to survive!” Stay tuned for more updates from Meek Mill’s journey.

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