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Plies Labels January 6th as “Donald Trump Day,” Condemning Capitol Riot Anniversary



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Plies took to Twitter on Saturday to express his strong condemnation of the infamous riot at the United States Capitol Building in 2021, labeling January 6th as “Donald Trump Day.” In a video captioned, “It Takes A Sick Person To Think This Is Ok!!!!,” he shared footage from the Capitol incident and reflected on the gravity of that day.

“Jan. 6th Donald Trump Day!!!! 🇺🇸 One Of The Darkest Dayz In American History!!! A Vote For Him Is A Vote For This Behavior!!!! Use Your Vote However U Choose!!!! God Bless America!!!!! #Plies #KingCircleHat #TheHappiez #Jan6,” Plies wrote in his tweet.

Plies’ post received positive responses from his followers, with one expressing appreciation for using his platform to address such issues: “Plies appreciate you using your platform. For this type of media. It’s definitely needed.” Another user commented on the chaos and violence associated with the MAGA movement, stating, “MAGA loves the chaos, violence, and racism. They showed up on Jan 6th to overthrow the government and now try to gaslight the US into not believing they saw what everyone saw. MAGA going MAGA.”

This is not the first time Plies has taken to social media to criticize former President Donald Trump. As Trump is currently running for re-election against Joe Biden, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled in December that he is disqualified from holding office, barring him from the primary ballot. Trump’s campaign plans to appeal this decision to the U.S. Supreme Court. Stay tuned for further updates on this matter.

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