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Tierra Whack’s Reveals Dramatic Turn of Events Behind Beyoncé Collaboration on “MY POWER”



Tierra Whack’s recent visit to Hot 97 turned heads as she shared a behind-the-scenes tale of her collaboration with Beyoncé on “MY POWER,” featured in her new album WORLD WIDE WHACK. In a candid discussion, she recounted a rollercoaster journey from excitement to disappointment, only to be rescued by Meek Mill.

Opening up about the inception of the collaboration, Whack disclosed that a member of Beyoncé’s team approached her for the track. Despite the whirlwind nature of the request, she dived into the project, crafting her verse in just 20 minutes. The stakes were high, and Whack emphasized the importance of precision, especially when collaborating with Queen Bey.

However, the euphoria was short-lived as Whack discovered her verse had been poorly engineered, throwing her flow offbeat. Faced with the dilemma of addressing the issue without appearing ungrateful, Whack sought assistance from her close associate, Meek Mill. With his intervention, the message reached Jay-Z, who swiftly rectified the situation, ensuring Whack’s verse met her standards.

Reflecting on the experience, Whack underscored the significance of maintaining artistic integrity, even in the face of industry giants. She expressed gratitude for the support received and affirmed her commitment to delivering quality work.

Whack’s narrative offers a glimpse into the complexities of collaboration in the music industry, highlighting the crucial role of communication and advocacy for artistic vision.

For more insights into Tierra Whack’s journey and her notable collaborations with Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Meek Mill, stay tuned.

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