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Gillie Da Kid Jokes About Wallo267’s Alleged Presence at Diddy’s Party with R. Kelly



Gillie Da Kid sparked amusement and speculation when he teased his cousin, Wallo267, alleging his attendance at one of Diddy’s infamous parties alongside R. Kelly. Posting an old photo featuring Diddy and R. Kelly with an unidentified figure in the background, Gillie humorously suggested it was Wallo267, prompting a swift denial from the latter.

In the caption, Gillie quipped about Wallo267’s supposed party antics, triggering a wave of laughter from fans and peers alike. However, Wallo267 swiftly refuted the claim, citing his incarceration during the period in question as an irrefutable alibi. His response, referencing Shaggy’s iconic song “It Wasn’t Me,” reiterated his innocence in a lighthearted manner.

The exchange adds to the recent jests surrounding Diddy’s parties, with comedian Druski also touching on the subject during a podcast appearance, downplaying any rumors of scandalous activities. Despite the playful banter, the allegations against Diddy and the mystery surrounding his gatherings continue to fuel speculation and debate.

What’s your take on Gillie Da Kid’s jest about Wallo267’s alleged attendance at Diddy’s party? How do you interpret Wallo267’s response? Join the conversation below.

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