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Cardi B Opens Up About Scrapped Verse: “I Didn’t Like How I Sounded”



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Cardi B, known for her dynamic contributions to remixes of popular tracks, recently revealed her decision to withhold a verse she recorded for Ice Spice’s “Munch (Feelin’ U).” Despite her appreciation for the song itself, the Grammy-winning artist expressed dissatisfaction with her performance, prompting her to opt out of its release.

In a candid interview, Cardi shared her perspective on the matter, acknowledging the challenges of adapting to a drill beat. She admitted that while she enjoyed the record, she felt her delivery fell short of her standards, fearing potential backlash from fans. Concerned about the impact her verse might have on the song’s reception, Cardi chose to forego its release, prioritizing the integrity of Ice Spice’s track.

The revelation sparked a debate among listeners, with opinions divided on Cardi’s decision. While some agreed with her self-assessment, others praised her contribution to the song, highlighting its strengths. The discourse invites reflection on the subjective nature of artistic critique and the complexities of collaboration in the music industry.

What are your thoughts on Cardi B’s decision to withhold her verse? Do you agree with her assessment of her performance? Join the conversation in the comments below.

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