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Katt Williams Accuses Rickey Smiley of Lying About “Friday After Next” Role



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During Katt Williams’ recent appearance on the viral Club Shay Shay, one of the most talked-about moments involved the comedian accusing Rickey Smiley of fabricating his role in “Friday After Next.” Smiley had claimed that he was originally cast as Money Mike, a role eventually portrayed by Williams. However, according to Williams, the role was always intended for him.

Williams went on to allege that Smiley displayed a negative attitude on set, complaining about losing the role and leading to a decision not to work with him again. The comedian even asserted that he had a contract drafted, specifying that he wouldn’t act alongside Smiley unless the latter wore a dress. Several years later, Smiley appeared in “First Sunday” donning a dress for his role as Bernice Jenkins.

Responding to Williams’ claims, Smiley maintained his composure, denying the existence of the mentioned contract and defending his role as Bernice Jenkins. However, in a recent clip, Smiley is seen getting emotional while making coffee, prompting speculation about the impact of Williams’ comments. Commenters are offering words of support, acknowledging that Smiley lost his son around the same time last year, making it a challenging period for him.

Fans express concerns about the potential impact of the Katt Williams interview fallout on Smiley, especially as the anniversary of his son’s death approaches. Share your thoughts on Katt Williams’ Club Shay Shay interview and Rickey Smiley’s emotional response in the comments section below.

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