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Meek Mill Vows to Combat Gun Violence in Philadelphia by Allocating 10% of Music Earnings, Faces Criticism from DJ Akademiks



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Meek Mill has expressed his commitment to addressing gun violence in Philadelphia by pledging to contribute 10% of his music earnings to the cause. Reflecting on the recent death of local rapper Phat Geez, Meek took to Twitter to outline his intentions, proposing a public contract with the city to formalize the agreement. However, his announcement faced criticism from DJ Akademiks, who pointed out the irony of Meek’s violent lyrical content and the proposed initiative.

In response to Phat Geez’s tragic death, Meek Mill shared his determination to make a tangible difference, highlighting the urgency of combating gun violence in their hometown. Despite the noble intent behind his proposal, DJ Akademiks challenged Meek’s stance, citing the discrepancy between his music’s portrayal of violence and the proposed solution.

Phat Geez’s untimely demise underscores the ongoing issue of gun violence in Philadelphia, with authorities yet to make any arrests in connection to the shooting. Meek Mill lamented the challenges faced by black residents in the city, emphasizing the prevalence of violence and its devastating impact on the community.

The exchange between Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks is indicative of their longstanding feud, with tensions flaring on social media platforms in the past. However, Meek’s commitment to addressing gun violence remains steadfast, despite criticism from his detractors.

As the conversation continues, observers await further developments in Meek Mill’s efforts to combat gun violence in Philadelphia. Stay tuned for updates on this ongoing story.

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