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Minister Jacob Oboth Confirms Progress in Issuing Polycarbonate Passports



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Minister of State for Defence, Hon. Jacob Oboth, confirmed the government’s successful implementation of polycarbonate passports for ordinary passport holders.

During the parliamentary session on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, chaired by Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa, Oboth disclosed the distribution of 104,000 polycarbonate passports since March 2023.

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The migration to polycarbonate for diplomatic and service passports will occur following the depletion of current stocks.

Oboth highlighted a decision made by a committee, led by the Prime Minister, to import polycarbonate passports rather than manufacturing them in Entebbe, citing the absence of a security printing factory.

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He assured the House of a smooth transition from paper-based e-passports to polycarbonate e-passports without causing inconvenience to passport holders. Moreover, the cost will remain at Shs250,000, identical to the paper-based e-Passport undergoing an upgrade.

The government has faced pressure from the East African Community Secretariat regarding the quality of the paper biodata page e-Passport, which fails to meet the international passport standard requirements established by the International Civil Aviation Organizatio

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