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Momma Dee Stands Firm on Decision to Throw Lil Scrappy’s Divorce Party, Citing Unfair Narratives



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The strained relationship between Momma Dee and Bambi, the ex-wife of her son Lil Scrappy, has been a well-known point of contention over the years. Momma Dee previously organized a “back outside” party during the summer, celebrating Lil Scrappy’s divorce from Bambi with assistance from Khaotic. While the event received a mix of reactions, Momma Dee recently clarified her decision, expressing unwavering support for the celebratory gesture.

During a recent event, Momma Dee explained that the party was her way of acknowledging the challenges her son endured throughout the relationship. She emphasized that the celebration marked the end of a difficult period for Lil Scrappy, who faced criticism after Bambi painted a narrative that, according to Momma Dee, wasn’t true. She highlighted the backlash her son received, particularly from women, and defended the party as a response to the challenging situation.

Momma Dee pointed out that Bambi couldn’t provide evidence to support her claims during the divorce proceedings, leading to further frustration. While her comments generated reactions from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (LHHATL) fans, with some accusing her of deflecting accountability for Lil Scrappy’s actions, others suggested that she should refrain from discussing Bambi to protect her grandchildren.

This recent revelation adds to the ongoing saga between Momma Dee and Bambi, with past disputes leading to threats of legal action in 2023. The controversy surrounding Lil Scrappy’s divorce party continues to fuel discussions among LHHATL enthusiasts. What are your thoughts on Momma Dee’s explanation for throwing the divorce party? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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