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Monica Confirms Joining Nicki Minaj on Pink Friday 2 Tour



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While recent news surrounding Nicki Minaj has largely revolved around her involvement with Megan Thee Stallion, the rap icon has been busy with other endeavors. Late last year, she made her comeback with her first album in five years, “Pink Friday 2,” which, despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, has performed admirably. Two tracks from the album, “FTCU” and “Everybody,” have remained on the Hot 100 charts for over a month. With the album’s success, Minaj is gearing up to take her show on the road with a tour scheduled to kick off later this year.

Initially, Minaj announced a comprehensive lineup of tour dates for the Pink Friday 2 tour, which she subsequently expanded on twice. Now, fans have received confirmation about one of the tour’s special guests. During an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Monica revealed that she will be joining Minaj on tour and expressed her gratitude towards Minaj for the opportunity. While specifics about Monica’s involvement in the extensive tour have yet to be confirmed, fans are already buzzing with excitement.

In the comments section, fans have expressed a mix of emotions regarding Monica’s inclusion on the tour. While some are thrilled for her, others question the compatibility of her music with Minaj’s fan base. “Congratulations, but I don’t think this the tour she needs to be on … two different crowds,” one top comment reads, echoing the sentiments of others. However, many are simply enthusiastic about Monica’s participation, urging her to make the most of the opportunity.

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Amidst the tour announcement, Minaj received mixed news about her latest single, “Big Foot.” Despite debuting impressively at #23 on the Hot 100, the track experienced a significant decline in streaming numbers after its initial tracking day. In contrast, Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hiss,” the song that “Big Foot” was crafted in response to, debuted at the top spot on the Hot 100 at #1.

As Monica prepares to hit the road with Minaj, fans are eager to see how the tour unfolds and whether they’ll be attending any stops on the Pink Friday 2 tour. Share your thoughts on Monica opening for Nicki Minaj and your plans for the tour in the comments below.

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