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Colman Domingo and Nia Long Spotted on Set of Michael Jackson Biopic



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Colman Domingo and Nia Long have been sighted on the set of “Michael,” the highly anticipated Michael Jackson biopic, where they are set to portray the King of Pop’s parents. Filming for the movie commenced this week, featuring a lineup of child actors portraying the young versions of the Jackson 5. Jafaar, Jackson’s real-life nephew, is slated to depict the iconic musician during his adult years.

Directed by Antonio Fuqua, acclaimed for his work on “Training Day” and the “Equalizer” trilogy, “Michael” aims to encapsulate Jackson’s legacy as a multifaceted individual. Fuqua has described Jackson as a “brilliant yet complicated man.” However, the film’s objectivity has been called into question due to its endorsement by Jackson’s estate. Despite this, “Michael” is already generating Oscar buzz ahead of its April 2025 release, positioning it as a frontrunner for the 2026 Academy Awards.

Colman Domingo, portraying Joe Jackson, and Nia Long, depicting Katherine Jackson, bring notable credentials to their respective roles. Domingo rose to prominence through Broadway, earning a Tony for his performance in “The Scottsboro Boys” and later gaining acclaim for his role in the West End revival. He has since ventured into mainstream cinema with portrayals of civil rights figures and garnered an Oscar nomination for his lead role in the civil rights biopic “Rustin.”

Nia Long, recognized for her comedic talents, has been a fixture in Hollywood since the early 1990s. Initially acclaimed for her dramatic turn in “Boyz n the Hood,” Long transitioned to comedic roles, starring in franchises like “Big Momma’s House” and “Are We There Yet?” Nonetheless, her versatility extends to dramatic roles, as evidenced by her compelling performance in the 2023 film “Missing.”

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As “Michael” continues production, anticipation mounts for the cinematic portrayal of Michael Jackson’s life, with Domingo and Long poised to deliver memorable performances as his parents.

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