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MPs Criticize State House for Activity Duplication and Revenue Failures in Auditor General’s Report



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Members of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee have criticized State House officials over duplication of activities that are already being handled by other agencies, which they say fails the rationalization that is being preached by President Museveni.

The MPs raised their concerns while interfacing with officials from State House who had been summoned to respond to queries raised in the 2023 Auditor General’s report, particularly on the failure to collect any revenue in the 2022/23 F/Y, despite the institution promising to collect Shs120M.

Butambala County’s Muwanga Kivumbi who chairs the committee asked State House to avail its sustainability plan for all the projects, saying some like the huge infrastructure at Kabasanda Technical School in Butambala District that was abandoned without explanation.

“This is why how government keeps doing the same thing and speak about rationalization we have been in and era government is preaching statehouse, he called the whole coccus this must start home, he rationalizes his state house skins it to core mandate and ran things smartly, but now you are giving certificate to people who never went to school saying they are now 0-level.” Mr. Muwanga stated.

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