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Mumbere Urges Community Cooperation with Security Forces to Overcome ADF Threat



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Charles Wesley Mumbere, King Of  Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu , has issued a call for unity between his subjects and security forces in the ongoing efforts to eliminate rebel elements and their collaborators. Addressing the congregation during a Sunday mass at Kasese Catholic Cathedral Church, his first attendance since returning to the kingdom in October, Mumbere emphasized the vital role the community plays in ensuring overall peace and security.

While recognizing the constitutional responsibilities of security agencies to safeguard Uganda’s borders, people, and property, Mumbere underscored the community’s complementary role in this mission. He urged residents to actively share information with security forces and report any suspicious activities, citing the specific threat posed by rebel elements, notably the Allied Democratic Forces-ADF.

Mumbere praised the endeavors of security agencies in combating ADF rebels but stressed the necessity for a close collaboration with the local community to achieve a comprehensive defeat of such groups. He highlighted the adverse impact of insecurity caused by rebel elements on the peace and overall development of Rwenzori.

Similarly, Rwenzururu Queen, Her Royal Highness Agnes Ithungu, urged the local community to promptly report any concerns to LC leaders, the nearest police station, or other official channels. Emphasizing the importance of timely reporting, she cited reasons such as providing early information on incidents and facilitating leaders’ swift intervention.

During the church service led by Rev. Father Mbusa Anyesio, the congregation received encouragement to foster love and unity within the community. King Mumbere’s plea for collaboration between the community and security forces reflects a shared responsibility to uphold peace and security in the region.

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