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Nicki Minaj Rehearses Choreography for World Tour Amid Criticism



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Nicki Minaj has been captured rehearsing choreography for her upcoming world tour, focusing on her Pink Friday 2 hit “FTCU.” In an Instagram livestream, fans caught a glimpse of Nicki rapping along to the song while executing moves alongside her backup dancers.

The brief clip showcased Nicki’s performance, with some observers noting that she appeared to be less energetic compared to her backup performers. This led to speculation about her dancing abilities, with one commenter suggesting, “Girl, you’re supposed to practice too. I’m convinced she can’t dance.”

Another commenter referenced Nicki’s signature performance style, stating, “Nicki don’t need to dance, just walk around and look cute gf and please stay off that floor,” alluding to her tendency to perform on the ground, as seen in her past performances.

While some fans were relieved to see Nicki focusing on her tour rehearsals instead of engaging in feuds, negative reactions to the video surfaced. However, this isn’t the only recent setback Nicki has faced.

Former athlete turned podcaster Shannon Sharpe made it clear that he has no plans to invite Nicki Minaj as a guest on his podcast. Responding to a fan’s request on Twitter, Sharpe dismissed the idea with a curt “Nicki who?” remark.

Additionally, Twitch star Kai Cenat expressed his disappointment with Nicki’s recent diss track aimed at Megan Thee Stallion during a livestream. Despite previously hosting Nicki on his channel, Cenat candidly shared his opinion on the track, stating, “I didn’t like this one.”

However, Cenat’s honest critique received backlash from some fans, leading to cancellations and unfollows.

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