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North West Beats Kim Kardashian to Pink Friday Nails, Igniting Excitement



Last week, Nicki Minaj launched her latest product line, “Pink Friday Nails,” featuring a range of press-ons. Kim Kardashian was one of the recipients of the package, intended for celebs and influencers to try out. However, before Kim could open it, her daughter North West got her hands on it.

Known to be a fan of Nicki Minaj, especially after sharing her enthusiasm for Pink Friday 2 upon its release, North West wasted no time in testing out the Pink Friday Nails. Kim Kardashian shared a video on social media, explaining how her daughter managed to try them before she even arrived home.

North West, who recently made headlines for her rap debut on Kanye West’s album VULTURES 1, is now gearing up for her own music project. Titled “Elementary School Dropout,” the album has already generated considerable anticipation among fans. Kanye West, her father, is reportedly fully supportive and invested in her musical endeavors.

In a recent interview, North West discussed her upcoming album, showcasing her excitement and talent at a young age. With her rising prominence within the Kardashian family circle, North West is poised to become a young superstar in her own right.

The incident of North West getting her hands on the Pink Friday Nails before her mother highlights her growing interest in fashion and beauty. Are you intrigued by North West’s musical debut? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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