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North West Embraces Versatile Dreams and Independence, Inspired by Kanye West



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Kanye West’s daughter, North West, exhibits a visionary approach akin to her father’s, shunning limitations and aiming for diverse aspirations.

In a recent I-D profile, 10-year-old North expressed her ambitions, desiring to follow in her dad’s footsteps as a rapper while also nurturing dreams of becoming a basketball player. She recounted a previous interest in boxing at the age of seven, later pivoting away from that pursuit. Additionally, she aims to engage in art, planning to walk dogs at 13 to earn money for art supplies, acknowledging the costliness of creative materials.

The young North also displays an entrepreneurial flair, aspiring to manage her parents’ successful businesses, YEEZY and SKIMS, in the future. She envisions a multifaceted career, intending to sell her artwork while taking over the family ventures. Her goals are not confined to one path but encompass a variety of creative and business ventures.

North expressed her view of basketball not merely as a hobby but as an integral part of her lifestyle. She described her love for the sport and her keenness for aiding others, indicating a deeper passion beyond mere pastime.

In a recent episode of The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian shared that North prefers spending time at Kanye’s residence over their Calabasas mansion following her parents’ divorce. Kim recounted North’s admiration for the simplicity and normality of life at her father’s place, where she appreciates the absence of certain luxuries like a private chef or security personnel.

Observing North’s reactions, one fan interpreted her feelings not as a literal desire for a different living space but as a wish for a distinct lifestyle experience. They hoped that Kim Kardashian comprehends North’s deeper sentiment and can address it appropriately, acknowledging that it’s about the lifestyle rather than the physical surroundings.

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