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NUP : Families of Missing Individuals Await Answers Amid Fear and Ongoing Investigations



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The shadow of uncertainty cast by the disappearance of 18 individuals has lingered for over a year, haunting the loved ones left behind.

Among the missing are Moses Mbabazi, Dennis Zzimula, Shafik Wangolo, Martin Lukwago, Peter Kirya, John Ddamulira, Michael Semuddu, Muhammada Kanatta, John Bosco Kibalama, Vincent Nalumoso, Yuda Ssempijja, Musisi Mboowa, Mustafa Luwemba, Hassan Mubiru, Isma Ssesaazi, Godfrey Kisembo, George Kasumba, and Joseph Baguma. Their families have endured relentless anguish since their disappearance. Opposition members of Parliament, upon leaving the house, embarked on a mission to document the stories of these missing individuals, presenting these narratives in a series of documentaries.

According to the spokesperson for the opposition in Parliament, Joyce Bagala, these documentaries, from the office of the leader of the opposition, meticulously detail and provide insight into the stories of the missing persons.

“We commenced the documentaries upon realizing that Mariam Wangadya persisted in claiming that these 18 individuals do not exist. These are real people with families who can share their stories. You’ve watched them, and we are continuing with the series,” Bagala stated.

However, she expressed concerns about the handling of the investigations by the Police, citing instances where families were allegedly approached in suspicious ways.

“Some families have reported receiving calls from the Police. An elderly lady in Kikandwa was asked by a Police Officer to meet at the trading center alone at 7:00 PM. Another in Mityana was contacted by an officer named Masiko, similarly requesting a solitary meeting. These are individuals with families. If the intention is to conduct an investigation, why arrange these meetings in such suspicious circumstances?” Bagala questioned.

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In response, Deputy spokesperson of Kampala Metropolitan Police, Luke Owoyesigire, asserted that the Police are diligently investigating the matter as requested by the parliamentarians.

“We are investigating the issue as per the parliamentarians’ instructions. It is our duty. If NUP claims they are being intimidated, they should present evidence of these threats,” Owoyesigire affirmed.

Police emphasized that if there are concerns among family members, evidence of any alleged threats or offers of money incentives should be gathered. Meanwhile, opposition members stress that unless the government takes decisive action, they will not return to Parliament.

As the search continues, the names of the missing 18 remain etched in the hearts of their families, awaiting closure and answers to their plight.

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