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Parents Arrested for Alleged Torture of 6-Year-Old in Bukomansimbi, Prompting Urgent Medical Care



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A shocking case has emerged in Bukomansimbi District, where a 6-year-old boy named Frank Kakooza accuses his mother, Nantongo Margret (23), and stepfather, Kamya Badru (27), of subjecting him to heinous acts of torture, including deliberate burns on his buttocks and fingers.

Kakooza, currently undergoing treatment at Mukama Afaayo Medical Clinic in Kigangazi, revealed that his stepfather used a heated machete on the intergluteal cleft of his buttocks and burned his fingers without any apparent reason.

“He has been beating me and putting a panga into the fire and burning me while my mother is just looking,” Kakooza shared.

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In addition to the physical abuse, Kakooza disclosed that he has been systematically deprived of food, leading to severe malnutrition. Concerned residents reported the case to the police, resulting in the arrest of both parents, who now accuse each other of the alleged atrocities.

The severity of Kakooza’s injuries has prompted medical professionals at Mukama Afaayo Medical Clinic to escalate the case to Masaka Regional Referral Hospital for further medical intervention. Bernard Kiiba, a nurse at the clinic, described the extensive burns on Kakooza’s buttocks and fingers, emphasizing the urgent need for specialized care beyond the clinic’s capacity.

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“His buttocks were burnt up to tentacles, and as of now, the boy is rotting, and a bad smell is coming out of him. He cannot go to the toilet, and his stomach has swollen, so his condition is beyond our clinic,” Kiiba stated.

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Joseph Kafeero, Kakooza’s grandfather now caring for him at Mukama Afaayo clinic, appealed for support as he struggles to bring his grandson’s life back to normal.

“My grandson’s situation is worrying; he needs professional doctors, yet I don’t have the potential. I am calling upon the good Samaritans to help me bring my grandson’s life back to normal,” pleaded Kafeero.

The arrested parents are now facing charges related to child abuse, and the police are conducting a thorough investigation to uncover the full extent of the abuse and ensure justice is served.

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Bukomansimbi deputy RDC Fred Kalema Pax condemned such acts, assuring the community that the parents would be taken to court to face the consequences of their actions. The district, grappling with instances of child torture, hopes for justice to prevail and bring relief to a young life marked by unimaginable suffering.

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