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Pete Davidson Enforces Strict ‘No-Phone Policy’ During Stand-Up Show



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Pete Davidson maintains a rigorous “no-phone policy” at his stand-up comedy gigs, a rule that two audience members violated during his set at City Winery on Thursday night. According to Page Six, the “King of Staten Island” called out a couple for bringing three phones to the show, reportedly exclaiming “F**k you” and prompting security to escort them out of the venue while removing their content.

Reportedly, the comedian invests $10,000 to secure phones before commencing his performance, a detail mentioned by Us Weekly. He continued his routine without revisiting the incident or his policy. City Winery expressed regret that the actions of a few disrupted Davidson’s performance, asserting the venue’s commitment to providing a pleasant atmosphere for all attendees and performers.

The practice of “locking up phones” is commonplace in comedy shows to prevent bits from being taken out of context online and to uphold privacy, common across various performance types.

While the specifics of Davidson’s show remain unknown due to the phone restrictions, some details emerged about the themes he touched upon. He delved into personal struggles, from addiction to his quest to find a partner for his mother. The 29-year-old also referenced his attempts to manage his image after recklessness while driving.

The debate around this “no-phone policy” hinges on whether it serves artists’ benefit or amounts to an exercise of control over audiences. We’d like to know your thoughts—share your opinion in the comments section below.

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