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Police Issue Warning as Festive Season Nears, Citing Rise in Crime



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With the approaching festive season, the police have issued a cautionary note about an escalation in criminal activities across the country. Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, emphasized that as December, a festive month, draws near, there is a noticeable increase in criminal operations in various regions in preparation for the festivities.

Enanga highlighted targeted attacks on mobile money dealers, traders, businesspersons, motor vehicle thefts, and cattle thefts. As individuals stock items for sale during the festive season, criminals take advantage of this time, particularly targeting those with substantial sums of money and valuable property.

“We would like to ask the public to be vigilant for suspicious people and vehicles and to report any concerns to the police only,” Enanga urged. He advised citizens not to rely solely on the police but to implement security measures, such as cashless transactions, altering banking routines, and using armed guards for cash transportation.

Preventing acquisitive crimes, including robberies, burglaries, and shop break-ins, remains a top priority for the police and other security agencies, according to Enanga.

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In recent incidents, on November 5, a group of three armed thugs attacked two homes keeping village savings in Magamaga town council, robbing a total of shs6.8 million. On November 8, disguised as customers, a group of men robbed shs3.6 million from a Fortebet branch in Kyengera town council. Enanga attributed this attack to the negligence of the betting company branch, which lacked armed security guards and failed to detect the masked men.

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In Arua City on November 8, security guards of GKO Security Limited reportedly broke into a microfinance office they were guarding, stealing an unspecified amount of cash and a Dell laptop. Enanga emphasized the need for increased vigilance, raids on criminal hubs, and heightened visibility to counteract the anticipated surge in business activity.

While urging the public to be cautious, Enanga emphasized that it is the responsibility of every citizen to report any suspicious activity in their communities and not to become complacent.

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