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Potters Village : High Medical Costs for Infants in Kisoro Prompt Concerns, Minister Calls for Solutions



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The state minister for Youth and Children Affairs and Woman Member of Parliament for Kisoro District, Sarah Mateke Nyirabashitsi, expressed concern over the exorbitant cost of treating infants in Kisoro. Some parents are reportedly compelled to sell their properties to cover medical bills, making access to healthcare challenging for ordinary families.

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During a meeting with Dr. Diana Atwine, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, who visited Kisoro to commission Maregamo HC III in Murora Sub County, Mateke highlighted the financial strain faced by parents. She specifically pointed out the high charges at the only private children’s clinic in Kisoro, called Potters Village, overseen by the Church of Uganda.

Mateke revealed that the average bill at Potters Village is consistently above 1 million shillings, leading to parents selling off their land and other assets to meet medical expenses. Potter’s Village, founded by Rev. Canon Jenny Green, aims to support destitute children in the community.

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Aidah Kyarimpa, Potters Village administrator, contested Mateke’s claims, stating that medical charges vary case by case and are not as high as the minister suggests. Kyarimpa emphasized the center’s transparency, with audit reports available to those seeking information.

She cautioned against political statements that may undermine the efforts of Potters Village, where dedicated individuals work tirelessly to assist sick children and reassure worried parents, calling for a focus on solutions rather than criticism.

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