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President Museveni Advocates Discipline in Sports and Commends Athletes at State House Luncheon



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President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, in a recent luncheon at State House Entebbe, shared essential advice for athletes, emphasizing the significance of discipline for success in their sports careers. Hosted by the President and the First Lady, who also serves as the Minister of Education and Sports, Maama Janet Museveni, the event brought together athletes from various prestigious sporting events.

The President highlighted the vital role of discipline, cautioning against behaviors such as alcohol consumption, involvement in prostitution, and conflict, asserting that such conduct doesn’t align with sports and can potentially mar one’s future. He stressed the necessity of coupling sports with discipline and a sense of moral responsibility, fostering a brighter future for athletes.

Praising the achievements of Ugandan sports teams, President Museveni acknowledged their recent successes, including notable performances in the World Athletics Championships in Budapest-Hungary and the Federation of East Africa Secondary Schools Sports Association (FEASSSA).

Reflecting on the historical context of sports in Uganda, President Museveni acknowledged that the country’s sports development faced setbacks due to political turmoil and economic collapse in previous regimes. He expressed the need for the government’s sustained efforts in facilitating the recovery of the nation’s economy, particularly after the challenging times preceding the establishment of the current administration in 1986.

President Museveni further advocated for a significant focus on sports infrastructure at the grassroots level. He suggested the implementation of minimum zonal infrastructure, proposing the establishment of two stadiums per zone across the 19 zones in the country, a move aimed at enhancing local sporting competitions.

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Highlighting the multifaceted benefits of sports, the President emphasized its importance in promoting fitness, character building, teamwork, entertainment, and as a source of livelihood for athletes. He underlined the financial aspect of supporting athletes who secure medals, mentioning a stipend program initiated by his office for medalists.

Moreover, the First Lady, Maama Janet, lauded Uganda’s sports achievements, especially the exceptional performance at the World Athletics Championship, positioning Uganda 11th out of 195 participating countries and 3rd in Africa after Kenya and Ethiopia. She called for further efforts to propel Uganda to the forefront of the sports arena in Africa and the global stage.

She advocated for increased funding for talent identification and development, the promotion of sports, and the establishment of the National Anti-doping Organization (NADO) in Uganda. Maama Janet also urged support for hosting annual sporting events to enhance Uganda’s sporting landscape.

The luncheon, attended by top sports officials, highlighted the commitment of the government in supporting sports, celebrating athletes’ achievements, and reinforcing the importance of fostering sports excellence from the grassroots level up to international competitions.

Attendees included Minister of State for Sports, Hon. Peter Ogwang, Members of Parliament, Ministry of Education and Sports officials, and representatives from the Uganda Secondary Schools Sports Association, among others. The event concluded with the acknowledgment and awarding of top secondary schools for their remarkable achievements in sports.

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