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President Museveni Announces Arrest of Suspected Leader in Tourists’ Murders in Queen Elizabeth Park



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President Yoweri Museveni has confirmed the capture of Abdul Rashid, also known as Njovu, the alleged leader of a group believed to be responsible for the killings of two tourists and their Ugandan driver in Queen Elizabeth Park last month.

Museveni stated, “This is to inform you that one of the killers of the tourists and their Ugandan driver, by the name of Njovu, has been arrested while injured. Three other terrorists have been killed from that group of 10 People who killed the Lhubiriha children, burnt the truck of onions, and attempted to attack the parked trucks on the Congo-Kasindi side. The remaining seven are still on the run, but we shall get them.”

The Njovu group reportedly faced an assault by a UPDF marine boat on Lake Edward, resulting in seven members escaping, as outlined by Museveni.

“Despite some gaps in the marines’ performance, I congratulate the marines and the CMI for the good job,” said Museveni.

Further details regarding the capture and ongoing efforts will be disclosed as the situation develops.

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