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Prince Harry Named in $30 Million Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Sean “Diddy” Combs



The ongoing investigation into American rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs has taken a startling turn as Prince Harry’s name has emerged in a $30 million lawsuit against the hip hop mogul. Combs, who is facing charges of sex trafficking and sexual abuse, now finds himself entangled in a legal battle that has captivated headlines.

The lawsuit, filed by record producer Rodney Jones, accuses Combs of sexually assaulting him and paints a disturbing picture of the rapper’s alleged behavior as a serial sex abuser. According to the 73-page document submitted to the court, Combs’ notorious parties were reportedly attended by influential guests, including sex workers and underage girls.

Among the named guests is none other than the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry. However, it’s important to note that there is no suggestion of any wrongdoing by the prince. Instead, he is listed merely as an example of the celebrity guest list that allegedly frequented Combs’ gatherings, which included famous athletes, political figures, artists, musicians, and international dignitaries.

While Prince Harry has been photographed with Combs in the past, particularly at events like the concert for Diana in 2007, there have been no reports indicating a close association between the royal and the rapper. In fact, despite Combs expressing a desire to hang out with Prince Harry during his UK trips, there is no evidence of any significant interaction between the two.

This lawsuit adds to Combs’ legal troubles, as he faces similar allegations from multiple women, including his former girlfriend, R&B singer Cassie, who accused him of rape and drugging her for a decade. Despite vehemently denying all allegations and dismissing them as “pure fiction,” Combs remains under scrutiny as federal agents investigate his Miami and Los Angeles properties in connection with the probe on sex trafficking charges.

As the case unfolds, Combs continues to maintain his innocence, labeling the accusations as “sickening” and portraying his accusers as individuals seeking a quick payday. However, with mounting legal challenges and a growing list of plaintiffs, the outcome of this high-profile lawsuit remains uncertain, casting a shadow over the reputation of the hip hop icon.

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