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Pusha T Opens Up About Strained Relationship with Kanye West, Revealing Alleged Texts from January 2022



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The relationship between Pusha T and Kanye West has often been a topic of speculation, marked by ups and downs. Recent revelations from alleged text messages, dating back to January 2022, shed new light on the complexities and strains within this high-profile collaboration.

In the purported text exchange, Pusha T expresses his discontent with Kanye, citing a song release prompted by feeling dissed and protective of his family, particularly his wife, during the well-known back-and-forth with Drake. The rapper suggests that Kanye’s actions allowed disrespect from Drake and questions the dynamics of Kanye’s own relationships.

“I put out the song because he dissed me and mentioned my wife in a song,” Pusha T writes, alluding to the Drake feud, adding, “You let Drake disrespect you, your wife, and your family. That’s why you can’t get your wife to respect you.”

The exchange takes an unexpected turn when Pusha T addresses hypothetical scenarios involving Kanye, emphasizing a lack of trust. He remarks, “Don’t blame me, Kanye. I would never shoot anybody for you; you would snitch on me.” The rapper also draws comparisons to historical figures, touching on Shyne’s name change and Puff’s relationship with J. Lo.

The rift between Pusha T and Kanye West deepened in 2022 when Pusha T distanced himself from G.O.O.D. Music and Kanye following a series of antisemitic remarks from the latter. Despite the public split, Kanye continued to show support for Pusha T, attending events where the rapper performed.

In a notable moment at Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God fashion show in April 2023, Kanye was spotted enjoying Pusha T’s performance of “Feel the Love” and vibing to his own track “Blood on the Leaves.” The public display seemingly contradicted the underlying tensions revealed in the alleged texts.

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Pusha T first spoke out against Kanye’s controversial remarks in November 2022, expressing disappointment. In subsequent interviews, he reiterated the gravity of the situation, stating, “It’s wrong. Period. But to me, it’s just me and him having a difference of opinion yet again.”

As the alleged texts circulate, the intricate layers of the Pusha T-Kanye West relationship continue to captivate fans, leaving them to wonder about the future of this complex artistic partnership.

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