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Remembering Cecilia Ogwal’s Political Journey



Cecilia Ogwal, the former Assistant Secretary General of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), who later joined the FDC and served as Dakolo Woman MP, is being buried today. Despite her strong opposition towards the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Yoweri Museveni, her anger didn’t change the course of events. She gained prominence within UPC but faced challenges when she defied Obote’s decree not to participate in the 1996 elections organized by NRM.

Ogwal’s political career took twists and turns, from being a key figure within UPC to facing eviction from Uganda House. Contrary to public eulogies portraying her as a moderate arbitrator, she became more moderate after leaving UPC. Her confrontational approach mellowed in later years, especially when her bid for Lira Municipality fell through, and she sought peace with NRM.

In her later years, Ogwal aligned with NRM, benefiting from Dakolo district’s creation, which salvaged her political career. As Uganda marks 38 years of NRM’s rule, the inclusive and accommodating approach is evident in honoring former adversaries like Obote, Akena Adoko, Adoko Nekyon, Peter Otai, Aggrey Awori, Ssemogere, and now Cecilia Ogwal.

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