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Rick Ross Faces Chair Mishap on Adin Ross’ Livestream, Reveals Secrets About Cars, Homes, and Overcoming Lean Addiction



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During a recent appearance on Adin Ross’ livestream, Rick Ross experienced a moment of embarrassment when the chair he was sitting on broke under his weight. In good spirits, the MMG mogul jokingly attributed the incident to his “heavy pockets,” playfully stating, “Pockets too heavy, heavy weight. I just broke the f***ing leg.”

Undeterred by the chair mishap, Rick Ross went on to share some intriguing revelations during the conversation. The rapper boasted about owning over 200 cars and nearly 20 homes. However, the discussion took a serious turn when Ross addressed his past lean addiction, acknowledging its detrimental effects on his health.

Opening up about his struggles with sipping lean, Ross revealed the toll it took on him, causing him to experience seizures. Although he is now several years sober from the drug, he acknowledged that the prolonged use has affected his memory. Urging others to avoid it, he emphasized the significant damage it can cause.

Ross credited Meek Mill for playing a crucial role in helping him overcome his lean addiction. Describing Meek as a “little bro,” Ross shared how they mutually supported each other through challenges, emphasizing the importance of looking out for one another.

The rapper also tied his 2018 hospitalization to the effects of lean, attributing the health scare to a combination of codeine, other substances, lack of rest, and an overall unhealthy lifestyle.

In recent years, Rick Ross has prioritized his health, undertaking efforts to lose weight and committing to a fitness journey. Currently, he is even preparing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in 2024, showcasing a commitment to a healthier lifestyle and overcoming past health scares.

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1 Comment

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