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Rick Ross Plans Lavish Bunker, Aims to Outdo Elon Musk



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Rick Ross has declared his intent to prepare for the apocalypse by constructing an extravagant bunker on his property, vowing to surpass even Elon Musk in his doomsday preparations. In a recently surfaced video, the rap mogul shared his excitement about the excavation process for his underground refuge, highlighting his passion for real estate and the unique decision to go subterranean.

Addressing his fellow doomsday preppers, Ross mentioned consulting with an undisclosed expert in the field who was impressed with his plans. The expert even suggested, “Ricky Rozay, you the biggest boss. And your bunker should have a bunker.” Ross embraced the idea and humorously revealed that his meta-bunker would feature bunk beds.

Setting the bar high, Ross aimed to outshine the bunkers associated with the world’s wealthiest individuals. Playfully acknowledging Elon Musk’s ground plans, he expressed his determination to go above and beyond, promising a bunker with a garage and wings.

While Musk is not known for constructing a bunker, Ross might have been referring to the Cyberhouse or possibly confusing Musk with Mark Zuckerberg. The latter is reportedly building a 5,000-square-foot bunker on his property in Hawaii, which drew attention from rapper Meek Mill in a recent comment.

Meek Mill reacted to reports about Zuckerberg’s bunker project, suggesting that those who can’t sense impending events are oblivious. According to Wired’s expos√© on Zuckerberg’s plans, details about the bunker are limited, but it is part of a more extensive estate on Kauai, featuring a main home with 30 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, multiple elevators, offices, conference rooms, and an industrial-sized kitchen.

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As Ross embarks on his own bunker project, the rap mogul is determined to make it a symbol of luxury and preparedness for whatever the future holds.

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