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Rick Ross Responds to Tia Kemp’s Cease and Desist Rant, Reveals Personal Details



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The ongoing feud between Mississippi rapper Rick Ross and his ex/baby mama, Tia Kemp, has taken a new turn as Ross responded to Tia’s recent cease and desist rant. Ross had sent a cease and desist to Tia Kemp after she engaged in multiple verbal and defamatory attacks against his new girlfriend, Cristina Mackey. Tia, not pleased with the legal action, went on a ruthless rant.

In response to Tia’s remarks, Ross addressed the situation on Hollywood Unlocked, shedding light on Tia’s personal struggles. Ross mentioned that Tia is currently dealing with her mother, who is a recurring crack addict, and facing challenges in her relationship with her sister. He expressed understanding of Tia’s difficult situation, stating, “We all gotta imagine what [Tia]’s going through. She’s going through a lot.”

Ross also mentioned that Tia’s mother, dealing with addiction, is not living with Tia but with her sister. Despite their strained relationship, Tia is actively helping her mother, according to Ross. He extended his best wishes to Tia’s mother while emphasizing that Tia is going through challenging times.

While showing some grace by allowing Tia to express herself on social media, Ross also shared personal details about Tia’s family life, including insights from Tia’s sister, Ebony, about a botched surgery.

As the feud continues, it remains to be seen how Tia Kemp will respond to Ross’s comments and whether the ongoing disputes between the two will eventually find resolution. Stay tuned for updates on this developing situation.


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