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Rick Ross’s Ex, Tia Kemp, Courts Media Attention Amidst Relationship Drama



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Being in the limelight often means navigating a whirlwind of relationships, and for Rick Ross, the journey has been no exception. The rap mogul’s latest romantic entanglement involved up-and-coming artist Cristina Mackey, who has been spotted by his side at various global events over the past few months. However, like many of Ross’s affairs, this fling was short-lived, much to the satisfaction of his ex and co-parent, Tia Kemp, who hasn’t hesitated to throw some shade.

Following their split, Kemp wasted no time in airing her grievances. Last week, she referred to Ross as a “dusty crusty Tweety Bird,” igniting a back-and-forth exchange of insults between her and Mackey. Meanwhile, Kemp remains focused on bolstering her personal brand and sharing her story, even ambitiously aiming for a sit-down interview with Gayle King.

As reported by HipHopDX, Kemp recently approached the veteran journalist while running errands, expressing her desire to appear on King’s show. “Hi Gayle, I need to come on your show. You just don’t know who I am,” Kemp asserted. However, King’s response was lukewarm, leaving the interaction abruptly cut short. Despite the rejection, Kemp shared the footage on Instagram, signaling her persistence in seeking media attention.

While Gayle King may not be immediately receptive to Kemp’s overture, the 69-year-old journalist is no stranger to sharing personal details with the public. Recently, she confessed to previously providing child support money to a man she was involved with, an experience that left her feeling disillusioned. Kemp’s efforts to secure an interview with King have sparked debate about her suitability as a guest on the esteemed journalist’s show.

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As the drama unfolds, fans speculate about the potential for a revealing interview with Tia Kemp. Do you think she would make an appropriate subject for Gayle King’s show? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and delve into Kemp’s revelations about her past experiences at the link provided.

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