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Sexyy Red Turns Joe Budden Podcast Drama into Meme Amidst Real-Life Tension



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Social media personality Sexyy Red swiftly turned real-life tension between Joe Budden and one of his podcast co-hosts into a meme, just a day after the incident began circulating online. The dispute unfolded in a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, where Antwan Marby (Ish) and the Slaughterhouse MC engaged in a heated argument over an alleged betrayal involving a woman.

Sexyy Red took a portion of the clip, showing Budden expressing frustration, and shared it on Twitter with the caption: “I ain’t spending on da girl I like.”

This recent clash follows previous disagreements between the two media personalities over man-code violations, although it remains unclear if these disputes revolved around the same woman. Last year, Ish called out Budden on their podcast for getting involved with his longtime ex-girlfriend, emphasizing that friends’ partners should be off-limits.

During the podcast episode, Ish stated, “Any girl — I don’t give a fuck who she is — if I used to date her before, she could’ve been my girlfriend, n-gga. If she wanna give you some box, that’s her box to give. I can’t police that box.” Budden responded, highlighting the apparent contradiction and asserting his love for Ish. The dispute reached a point where Budden encouraged Ish to catch his breath and engage in a more constructive dialogue.

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