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Snoop Dogg and Master P Sue Walmart and Post Brands Over Alleged Cereal Sabotage



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Snoop Dogg and Master P have taken legal action against Walmart and Post Consumer Brands, accusing them of deliberately undermining their cereal brand, Snoop Cereal.

In a lawsuit filed by their company Broadus Foods, Snoop and Master P allege that Post conspired to prevent Snoop Cereal from reaching consumers after the duo refused to sell their company to Post. The lawsuit, handled by civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, contends that Post orchestrated a scheme to stifle Broadus Foods’ market presence.

Crump stated in the complaint filed on Tuesday that Post entered into a false arrangement to choke Broadus Foods out of the market, effectively obstructing Snoop Cereal’s production and distribution by any competitor.

The genesis of the conflict arose in 2022 when Snoop and Master P established the cereal brand and approached Post for a production and distribution partnership. Post allegedly sought to acquire the company outright, but Snoop and Master P declined. Instead, they agreed to a partnership where Post would treat Snoop Cereal as its own brand and distribute it to retailers like Walmart.

However, the lawsuit alleges that Post had no intention of upholding the partnership and deliberately hindered Snoop Cereal’s availability. Despite initial success, the cereal reportedly faced stock availability issues at Walmart, with the retailer’s systems inaccurately indicating it was out of stock while actual inventory remained in stores.

The legal filing accuses Walmart of colluding with Post to restrict Snoop Cereal from appearing on shelves. Walmart responded with a statement emphasizing their support for small businesses and attributing slow sales to various factors like consumer demand and seasonality.

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Post has yet to issue a response to the lawsuit, while Snoop and Master P’s legal team is pursuing the matter in court.

Although Snoop has not directly commented on the lawsuit, Master P appeared to allude to it on social media, emphasizing their commitment to building a family brand and advocating for equal rights in corporate America.

In a related incident last summer, Master P was briefly questioned by police officers while inspecting the positioning of Snoop Cereal at a Walmart store. He clarified that he was simply checking on his business and promoting his legitimate venture.

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