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Soulja Boy Extends Olive Branch to Blueface, Offering Financial Support Amidst Legal Troubles



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Soulja Boy has opted for a more conciliatory approach with Blueface, choosing to extend a helping hand rather than perpetuate their ongoing feud. Previously threatening to cause trouble for Blueface in jail, the “Crank That” rapper took to his Instagram Live on Saturday (January 20) to make a surprising offer of assistance.

Expressing empathy for the challenges of being incarcerated, Soulja Boy stated, “I know what it feels like to be locked down in a jail cell. You don’t know what’s going on on the outside. Ain’t nobody fuckin’ with you. Ain’t nobody puttin’ money on your books. I got $1000. Whoever knows somebody, Blueface’s people, somebody, y’all hit me up. I’m gonna put $1000 on that n-gga’s books.”

This unexpected turn may have been prompted by Blueface’s manager, Wack 100, who criticized Soulja Boy for his earlier remarks. Wack 100, addressing Soulja Boy on social media, accused him of cowardice and suggested that he lacked the same energy when Blueface was a free man.

In response, Soulja Boy seems to have shifted gears, not only offering financial support but also acknowledging the bigger issues Blueface is facing, as the latter is currently locked up for violating probation, with a release date set for the summer.

The previous week, Soulja Boy indirectly taunted Blueface during an Instagram Live session, emphasizing the contrast between enjoying freedom as a millionaire and being incarcerated with financial burdens. He highlighted the disparities in lifestyle, asserting, “There’s levels to this. You don’t want no real smoke. They going out sad about Big Draco.”

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Despite his desire to see Blueface released, Soulja Boy clarified that he wants to settle their differences outside of legal complications, stating, “Hell no. Free that n-gga so we could beat his ass. We don’t wish jail on nobody. I don’t wish jail on my worst enemy. That shit was so lame, bro. Let that n-gga out so we can pow, bow, pow.”

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