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Soulja Boy’s Feud with Metro Boomin and 21 Savage Takes a Dark Turn



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Soulja Boy has escalated his feud with Metro Boomin to disturbing levels, raising concerns that the conflict might be spiraling out of control. The tension began when Soulja Boy took offense to a 2012 tweet from Metro Boomin, where the producer boasted about his studio sessions with Jeezy compared to sending beats to Soulja Boy.

Demanding that Metro Boomin delete the tweet within 24 hours, Soulja Boy issued a threat of consequences if his demand was not met. The feud intensified on Mother’s Day, May 12, when Soulja Boy attacked Metro Boomin’s late mother, suggesting that the producer had sacrificed her for his success. “F*** that n**** mama!!!!!!!!!! Don’t speak on my name b****!” Soulja Boy wrote, questioning the worth of Metro Boomin’s fame and fortune in light of his mother’s passing.

In response, 21 Savage, a close collaborator of Metro Boomin, defended him and issued a stern warning to Soulja Boy. “Speaking on a n**** mama like s*** a game you gone s*** on yourself when I see you boy,” 21 Savage replied, indicating that the feud could escalate to physical confrontation.

Soulja Boy doubled down on his attacks, vowing to “swing on” 21 Savage when they next meet. The feud has taken a dark turn, with Soulja Boy’s remarks about Metro Boomin’s late mother crossing a line that many consider unacceptable.

As the feud between Soulja Boy, Metro Boomin, and 21 Savage continues to unfold, fans are left wondering how far it will escalate. Share your thoughts on this feud in the comments below. Do you think Soulja Boy has taken it too far by involving Metro Boomin’s late mother? What do you predict will happen next in this ongoing conflict?

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