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Suge Knight Acknowledges Female Dominance in Music Industry from Behind Bars on New Podcast



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Former Death Row Records head, Suge Knight, may be confined behind bars, but his observations on the music industry are making waves. In the inaugural episode of his newly launched podcast, “Collect Call With Suge Knight,” hosted by Dave Mays’ Breakbeat Media, Knight gave credit to the leading role women are playing in today’s music landscape.

Expressing his viewpoint, Knight praised female artists for their combined musical prowess and commanding presence. He acknowledged luminaries such as Cardi B, SZA, Doja Cat, among others, highlighting their significant impact on the industry. Knight emphasized the strength and autonomy of women, stating they have evolved remarkably, no longer in the shadows of men but leading the way.

In the podcast, Knight pointed out the significant transformation in the industry, noting the multifaceted talents and stunning appearances of current female artists. He contrasted the past, where female artists in R&B or rap, while talented, often remained in the background. Knight highlighted the contemporary era, praising the current generation for not only their musical talents but also their stunning looks and their openness about their relationships within the industry.

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Emphasizing that his recognition stems from a place of respect, Knight clarified that his intent is not to pursue or engage romantically with these artists. He stressed his admiration for their influence and asserted that they are the ones who steer the industry forward.

“Collect Call With Suge Knight” is set to be a weekly half-hour phone call between Knight and host Dave Mays. Mays expressed his enthusiasm for the show, emphasizing the need for a trustworthy platform to present authentic perspectives within the Hip Hop community.

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The podcast’s trailer hints at Knight delving into past feuds with several prominent figures in the Hip Hop world. Additionally, the show aims to provide insight into Knight’s perspectives on current events, his views on Snoop Dogg’s ownership of the Death Row brand, fostering connections between new and established artists, and even engaging with audience questions.

Despite Knight’s incarceration, his podcast promises a candid exploration of Hip Hop history and its contemporary landscape, making it a compelling addition to the podcast sphere.

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