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SZA Assigns Zodiac Signs to Her Songs, Sparking Fan Debates



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SZA, known for her fascination with astrology, recently delved into the connection between her songs and zodiac signs during a recent interview. The artist, often hailed as one of the definitive astrology enthusiasts in the music industry, shared her associations between songs and signs, leaving fans both intrigued and, in some cases, offended.

The majority of the songs she selected for this cosmic correlation were from her latest album, SOS, with a couple of exceptions from her 2017 album CTRL. For instance, she chose the opener of CTRL, “Supermodel,” as the anthem for Sagittarius, while the Travis Scott-assisted track “Love Galore” was attributed to Libras.

SZA’s choices for her SOS album included assigning the pop-punk-infused “F2F” to Aries and designating the Phoebe Bridgers collaboration, “Ghost In The Machine,” as the official Aquarius anthem. The track “Gone Girl” was linked to both Taurus and Virgo. Interestingly, she opted not to assign a specific song to the Cancer sign.

The artist’s unique and varied choices have sparked debates among fans, with some expressing agreement and others feeling offended by the associations. This discussion adds a new layer to SZA’s ongoing engagement with astrology, a topic she frequently explores in interviews and online interactions with her fans.

In other news, SZA made a surprise appearance at Isaiah Rashad’s Cilvia Demo 10th-anniversary show in LA, where she performed a duet with the artist. Additionally, a leaked flyer from the event hinted at upcoming releases from all Top Dawg Entertainment artists this year, including a speculated deluxe edition of SOS from SZA. The recent confirmation of Schoolboy Q’s new album adds substance to these speculations. As fans eagerly await more updates, the discussion around SZA’s zodiac-themed song associations continues to captivate her diverse audience. Share your thoughts on SZA’s choices and whether they align with your zodiac sign in the comments below.

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