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Talib Kweli and Consequence Engage in Heated Exchange Following Diss Track Release



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Renowned rapper Consequence dropped a scathing diss track directed at Talib Kweli last Friday, prompting a swift and fiery response from the legendary artist. The diss track, titled “Beef Forever,” delves into various aspects of Kweli’s life, referencing his past collaborations, personal relationships, and even sexual harassment allegations.

Consequence Takes Shots in “Beef Forever”

In “Beef Forever,” Consequence doesn’t hold back, asserting his claim to the lyricist crown and implying that Kweli should be wary of his lyrical prowess. The track touches on Kweli’s association with the Lyricist Lounge and subtly alludes to potential confrontations. Consequence also brings up sensitive topics, including the allegations made by Res, Kweli’s ex-wife, and others, suggesting a long-lasting feud with the lines, “We got beef forever, once we got beef we got beef forever.”

Kweli Fires Back on Social Media

Talib Kweli wasted no time responding to Consequence’s verbal onslaught, taking to social media to address the diss track and launch his counterattacks. Kweli pointed out DJ Akademiks’ support for Consequence and brought up recent sexual assault allegations against Consequence by his ex-girlfriend. Kweli, in his characteristic style, used humor and confidence, stating, “Imma have fun exposing you in 2024.”

Kweli Highlights Consequence’s History and Allegations

In a subsequent post, Kweli delved deeper into the history of their feud, emphasizing that Consequence initially defended Kanye West against antisemitism accusations. Kweli alleged that Consequence, also known as Dexter, falsely accused him of being raped by Afrika Bambaataa when confronted about his behavior. Kweli stressed the seriousness of such accusations, underscoring that they should not be taken lightly.

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The ongoing feud between Talib Kweli and Consequence dates back to 2022, rooted in Consequence’s support of Kanye West amid controversies. As the war of words intensifies, stay tuned for further updates on this escalating rap feud.

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