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Lil Yachty Claps Back at Accusations, Denies Cheating and Colorism Allegations



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In a recent Twitter exchange, Lil Yachty confronted accusations of cheating and being a colorist, with a user referencing his lyrics and an October 2022 interview. The user labeled him a “cheater,” a “colorist,” and claimed he wouldn’t change his daughter’s diaper based on a line from his song “The Secret Recipe.”

Responding to the allegations, Lil Yachty set the record straight, asserting that there was no cheating involved and vehemently denying any colorist tendencies. He addressed the diaper-changing comment, dismissing it as a troll and clarifying that he has, in fact, changed his daughter’s diaper. Yachty emphasized his decision not to share his daughter on social media, stating that not everything is meant for public consumption and dismissing critics as “losers.”

In another post, Yachty highlighted his preference for privacy, explaining that he doesn’t feel the need to showcase every aspect of his life on social media. He defended his choice to keep his daughter out of the public eye, expressing indifference to others’ opinions on the matter.

This isn’t the first time Lil Yachty has engaged in social media confrontations recently. After facing criticism for his fashion sense, Yachty fired back, expressing disdain for judgmental comments and emphasizing his individuality.

Lil Yachty and fashion designer Selangie welcomed their first daughter in October 2021. As the rapper addresses and dispels online accusations, stay tuned for further updates on Lil Yachty’s reactions and personal life.

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