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Meek Mill Announces Dreamchasers Compilation Album, Pays Homage to JAY-Z



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Meek Mill has exciting plans for the first Dreamchasers compilation album and took a moment to salute one of his idols, JAY-Z, while making the announcement.

On Monday (January 8), the Philadelphia rapper shared the news on Instagram, revealing the project alongside the dazzling diamond-studded cover art. The caption read, “DREAM CHASERS VOL. 1 LA FAMILIA WE GONE SEE.”

The title appears to pay homage to JAY-Z and Roc-A-Fella’s 2000 compilation “The Dynasty: Roc La Familia.”

Meek tagged Dreamchasers artists in the post, including Vory, Yung Ro, Diamond Street Keem, Jaylanie, and more. The announcement garnered support from fellow artists in the comments, with Curren$y praising the artwork and Jim Jones, Fivio Foreign, and Michael Rubin saluting Meek for leading the Dreamchasers charge.

However, some fans expressed their desire for a Meek Mill solo project in 2024 before a compilation.

“Dude WE WANT DC5 WTF NOBODY ASKED FOR THIS,” one person wrote, while another added: “Until it drops, I don’t want to believe it.”

Prior to unveiling the compilation, Meek shared valuable advice on Twitter, encouraging youngsters to prioritize education over street life for a better future.

“Being gangsta will get you hurt, put in jail or killed… being smart will get you out of poverty and your family and friends living better,” he wrote. “Being smart is the only solid way out of the trenches… everything else is a wide range life risk just to survive!”

Meek also expressed a new perspective on rap beefs, declaring his wealth and neutrality in disputes. “I’m too rich to choose sides in beefs,” he stated. “Real street n-ggas know that! I’m a source for the trenches… a source for money… resources… plugs.”

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Continuing, he emphasized, “I may post you to help your brand! If we don’t have a direct problem, don’t even think about what side I’m on. ‘I’m on Dream Chasers’ side.”

Meek Mill’s last solo album, “Expensive Pain,” was released in 2021, and he collaborated with Rick Ross on their joint project, “Too Good To Be True,” last year.

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