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Cam’ron Admits to Buying His First Driver’s License and Cheating on G.E.D.



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Cam’ron recently revealed during an episode of “It Is What It Is” that he avoided the hassles of a driving test by purchasing his first driver’s license. The rapper admitted to cheating on the process, claiming to have acquired the license through illicit means.

During a conversation about race with Ma$e, Cam’ron disclosed his unconventional approach to obtaining a driver’s license. He admitted, “I don’t know, I bought my first license. I never even took the test. I cheated on that shit too. I had it for 20-something years. N-ggas from Polo Grounds were selling licenses. I bought my license from a n-gga in Polo Grounds in ’97.”

Explaining further, Cam’ron revealed the details of how the process worked. “I cheated my way through a bunch of shit. My license official. You paid n-ggas $600, they did all the shit for you. You didn’t have to take the test. They came back with the paperwork that you passed the test, so you take the paperwork and you go take your picture at the DMV.”

The rapper continued by confessing to similar actions in other aspects of life, including cheating to obtain his G.E.D. diploma. Despite his unconventional methods, Cam’ron expressed pride in his accomplishments, stating, “I stand here before you today as a great human being, man. A humanitarian, philanthropist, a mogul, a tycoon — the list goes on and on, all from beating the system.”

In the same episode, Cam’ron also shared his preference for identifying as a “Black American” rather than an “African American.” He argued that when representing the United States in international competitions like the Olympics, individuals are recognized simply as “American,” without specifying their race. Using this example, Cam’ron emphasized his self-identification as a “Black American,” stating, “I don’t consider myself an African American.”

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