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Poundside Pop Accuses Meek Mill of Offering Him Unfavorable Deal



Meek Mill has found himself in the midst of controversy once again, as fellow rapper Poundside Pop recently made some startling claims about their interaction. In a conversation with DJ Akademiks, Poundside Pop alleged that Meek Mill offered him a deal that he found insulting, leading to the dissolution of their friendship.

According to Poundside Pop, Meek Mill proposed a deal that included a mere $20,000 advance for a seven-album contract, along with rights to his masters and publishing. Feeling slighted by the offer, Poundside Pop declined, opting for a more favorable deal elsewhere.

However, Poundside Pop’s accusations didn’t stop there. He also asserted that Meek Mill is “banned” from his hometown of Philadelphia, sparking a heated response from the rapper.

In response to Poundside Pop’s claims, Meek Mill took to social media to vent his frustrations, accusing the young rapper of being a “snitch.” Despite the fiery exchange, Meek Mill later deleted his post.

The interview has reignited discussions about Meek Mill’s business practices and relationships within the industry. What are your thoughts on Poundside Pop’s allegations against Meek Mill? Do you believe the deal offered was unfair? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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