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Lil Wayne Allegedly Secured $9 Million in Pandemic Aid by Claiming Drug-Free Touring Practices



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According to Business Insider, Lil Wayne is among several artists who received significant financial assistance from the U.S. government by presenting their touring companies as “drug-free” workplaces. Reports suggest that Lil Wayne’s touring company, Young Money Touring, Inc., received a $8.9 million federal pandemic aid check from the Small Business Administration (SBA) after asserting strict anti-drug policies.

Allegedly, Lil Wayne and his team emphasized the dangers of drug use on tour, warning of consequences for anyone caught using substances and even threatening rehabilitation. Post Malone is also reported to have employed similar tactics to secure additional funding.

Despite Lil Wayne and Post Malone’s public acknowledgment of drug use, the SBA reportedly did not consider their past activities when approving their aid applications. Critics speculate that the rushed review process, with SBA employees having only four hours to assess applications, may have contributed to oversight.

In response, the SBA clarified that they did not assess personal actions or drug use from March 2020 to June 2022, the eligible period for aid. Public health expert Harold Pollack noted that celebrities often receive different treatment regarding substance use due to their social status.

These touring companies obtained aid through the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant program, aimed at supporting music venues facing financial distress during the pandemic. However, questions arise regarding whether this funding was the best allocation of resources.

If found that Lil Wayne misrepresented his touring environment, legal repercussions such as lawsuits or prosecution may follow. Stay tuned for further developments on this story.

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