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Cardi B and Offset Targeted in Swatting Attempt – Body Cam Footage Reveals Intensity



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Cardi B and Offset are the latest victims of a swatting attempt, and recently obtained footage by TMZ showcases the intense nature of such incidents. While the incident occurred in August 2023, the body cam video from police who responded to the scene of the couple’s Sandy Springs, GA home was made public on Monday (January 8).

The police were dispatched following a call reporting a shooting at a “famous rapper’s house.” However, upon arrival, they discovered that the ex-Migos rapper’s uncle, Derrick, was house-sitting for the couple, who were not present during the swatting incident.

Swatting pranks on celebrities have become unfortunately common. In August, Stephanie Bell faced a warrant for her arrest for allegedly orchestrating a swatting attack on Nicki Minaj. Expressing gratitude to law enforcement officials, Nicki Minaj took to social media, addressing the swatter directly and stating, “#WasItWorthItDumbo?” She acknowledged the warrant against Stephanie Bell for the false emergency call and report to DCFS.

In September, Nicki Minaj claimed on Instagram that there were “snitches” in the music industry hindering justice for her swatting perpetrator(s). She pointed out the lack of coverage on her multiple swatting attempts, emphasizing the gravity of the situation where her home was surrounded by armed individuals.

On the same day, Nicki Minaj used her Instagram Stories to seemingly accuse Cardi B of being the “snitch” and hinted at doxxing her for potential swatting. The rapper wrote, “Can’t call the cops every time you flop. just saying,” and implied that she might reveal information leading to a swatting attempt. The controversy also saw Nicki Minaj promoting her upcoming album “#PinkFriday2.”

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The swatting incident involving Cardi B and Offset adds to the growing list of celebrities targeted by such dangerous pranks, shedding light on the need for vigilance against false emergencies and the potential consequences of swatting attempts.

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