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Tamar Braxton and Jeremy “JR” Robinson’s Rekindled Romance Sparks Mixed Reactions



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In the rollercoaster of love and relationships, Tamar Braxton and Jeremy “JR” Robinson have certainly had their share of ups and downs. After JR called off their engagement last October to focus on personal growth, he surprised Braxton with a second proposal in December. Despite the rocky road they’ve traveled, it appears that their second engagement has only strengthened their bond.

During a recent Instagram Live session, Braxton and JR were seen indulging in plenty of public displays of affection, leaving no doubt about the depth of their affection for each other. However, not everyone is thrilled about their reunion. Critics flooded the comments section, expressing skepticism and urging the couple to reconsider their relationship.

Amidst the online scrutiny, some commenters raised concerns about JR’s past association with reality TV personality Tommie Lee, prompting questions about the sincerity of his commitment to Braxton. Additionally, others voiced discomfort over the couple’s overt displays of affection, particularly in front of Braxton’s son Logan.

Despite the criticism, Braxton and JR appear unfazed and continue to showcase their love for each other openly. This isn’t the first time they’ve faced backlash for their relationship, but it seems they’re determined to focus on their happiness regardless of the opinions of others.

What’s your take on Tamar Braxton and Jeremy “JR” Robinson’s public displays of affection on Instagram Live? Are you rooting for their relationship, or do you share the concerns raised by critics? Join the conversation in the comments below, and stay tuned to HNHH for further updates.

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