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Tamar Braxton Opens Up About Breakup with Jeremy “JR” Robinson in Instagram Live Session



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Tamar Braxton recently took to Instagram Live to share insights into her recent breakup with Jeremy “JR” Robinson, to whom she was previously engaged before ending their relationship in October. During the candid session, Braxton discussed the circumstances leading to the split while JR was present nearby.

Braxton clarified that the breakup was initiated by her, acknowledging her responsibility in the situation. She emphasized the importance of taking accountability for her actions and reframing the narrative. Braxton expressed gratitude for JR and the positive aspects of their relationship. She stressed the need to normalize acknowledging women’s roles in breakups and highlighted that accountability doesn’t equate to self-blame.

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The revelation in the Instagram Live clip surprised fans, particularly considering Braxton’s recent announcement about her upcoming “comeback candy.” The singer had engaged in a public exchange with Tommie Lee earlier in the month, involving an alleged incident with Chrisean Rock and a backup dancer. Despite the recent drama, Braxton is seemingly focused on her personal growth and transparency in the aftermath of her breakup.

Adding to the intrigue, Tommie Lee was spotted at a sporting event with JR just days after their social media exchange. Fans speculated about the motive behind the outing and its potential connection to Braxton, creating further speculation and interest in the dynamics surrounding the breakup.

As Tamar Braxton continues to navigate the aftermath of her high-profile breakup, her openness and accountability in discussing the situation contribute to ongoing conversations among fans and followers.

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